Rafting is all about excitement, relaxation and teamwork. We like to embrace each rafting adventure at a leisurely pace to give you the time to fully appreciate the experience. On your Wet 'n' Wild adventure you will enjoy multiple sensations ... the exhilaration and thrill from nature's powerful forces at work, the whitewater and the respect that it commands; you will be in awe of the spectacular scenery that encompasses you throughout the journey, and you will relish in the contentment of achievement and fulfillment of personal and team challenges met and mastered along the way.

Wet 'n' Wild specialises in one-day trips on the Kaituna, Rangitaiki, Lower Rangitaiki and Wairoa rivers.

Depending on the trip, Wet'n Wild provides most aspects of your adventure including transport, rafting and camping equipment, experienced and professional rafting guides, excellent cooking skills, good humour, unlimited patience and excellent company. You provide swimming gear, towel, camping clothes, sun screen and the ability to scream occasionally and laugh frequently. See the FAQ for a full list of what we provide, and what you need to provide.


Wet 'n' Wild Rafting Company want to make your trip as enjoyable as possible.

These are the five different grades of river commercially rafted in New Zealand, and the one grade that isn't. We recommend you choose your trip according to these grades.

It is a legal requirement that grade 5 be rafted only by people over the age of 13, it is recommended that grade 4 is suitable for 10 years old and over, grade 3 for 8 years old and over, and grade 2 for 5 years old and over. The grades are as follows:

  1. Calm, rippling water, rafted for social value only.
  2. Rippling, cascading whitewater. RangitaikiUpper Mohaka.
  3. Adventurous whitewater, 1-2 metre waves, maneuvering to negotiate the rapids is required. RangitaikiMotuUpper Mohaka.
  4. Exciting, challenging, difficult rapids with precise and sequential maneuvering required. RangitaikiMotuMokau.
  5. Adrenalin rush, thrilling and very powerful rapids. Complex, precise and powerful sequential maneuvering is required. KaitunaWairoaLower Mohaka.
  6. Commercially unraftable.